Alabama 501(c)(3) Lookup

The state of Alabama has more than 24,000 nonprofit organizations — with religious and educational nonprofits representing the most common types. Southeastern Conference (SEC), the University of Alabama Health Services Foundation, and the Children’s Hospital of Alabama are among the largest 501c3 nonprofits in the state.

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501(c)(3) organizations are nonprofit corporations that meet specific IRS criteria. Donations to any 501(c)(3) are tax-exempt. Use our 501(c)(3) lookup table to find out whether or not an organization has 501(c)(3) status.

501(c)(3) Lookup for Alabama

Alabama Nonprofits

Alabama nonprofits span a range of topics, but many focus on healthcare, religion, feeding the homeless, and disaster relief. Below are some of the state’s notable nonprofit organizations.

The Children’s Hospital of Alabama

Often shortened to “Children’s of Alabama,” the Children’s Hospital of Alabama has been healing sick children since 1911. With several locations across the state, the hospital helps with pediatric care, surgery, children’s psychology, and other fields. It offers its services across every county in Alabama, 41 other states, and even to some other countries. Children’s is the only health system in Alabama that provides healthcare solely to children.

The Presbyterian Home for Children

The Presbyterian Home for Children offers many programs to help children in unsafe environments and to house homeless children. This nonprofit specifically offers many programs for young girls in need of relocation or who are homeless, which provide places to stay and opportunities to learn skills and transition into adult life. It also offers relief for caregivers of homeless children, giving them a place to stay and access to educational resources to help them find employment and a chance to get them back on their feet. This nonprofit has been recognized for its work in the state with many awards, including a “Gold Transparency” award from in 2022 and becoming a top-rated nonprofit in 2022 by

Prodisee Pantry

Helping people in Baldwin County for 19 years, the Prodisee Pantry provides food to those who need it every day. For veterans and those suffering from homelessness, unemployment, or other issues, Prodisee Pantry can offer aid and counseling with its volunteers. Prodisee Pantry also provides bulk donations of food as disaster relief for domestic disasters as well as help by attempting to find services with other nonprofits and government facilities that can support its patrons.