Alaska 501(c)(3) Lookup

Alaska is home to more than 5,000 nonprofit organizations — with the most common types focused on religious or recreational missions. The Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium, Southcentral Foundation, and Central Peninsula Hospital are among the state’s largest 501c3 nonprofits.

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501(c)(3) Lookup for Alaska

Alaska Nonprofits

Alaska’s nonprofits focus on a range of issues that could use more attention, such as animal welfare, international aid, and environmental cleanup. Listed below are some of the state’s outstanding nonprofit organizations.

The Lemong’o Project

Operating out of Anchorage, the Lemong’o Project aims to help the small Kenyan village of Lemong’o and its villagers — the Maasai people — through financial support. The money acquired through donations, fundraising programs, and selling authentic goods made in the village is used to pay for improvements in the Maasai’s lives. Since reaching nonprofit status in 2011, the Lemong’o Project has been able to pay for food for the villagers, instructors to increase the level of education in children and adults, and medical treatments for those who fall ill. While Lemong’o is quite far from Alaska, the people of Anchorage are doing all they can to help the Maasai people.

Straw for Dogs

Sometimes, those who need the most help can’t speak for themselves. Straw for Dogs is a group dedicated to keeping the dogs of Alaska safe in the state’s often brutal cold. This group builds insulated dog houses for those who can’t afford to or are unable to make one themselves, filling the houses with straw to keep the dog warm. It also supplies local food banks with pet food and drops off pet care packages to owners unable to pay for pet needs like treats, bowls, toys, and even spay/neuter procedures. As of November 2022, Straw for Dogs has given out 417 dog houses and 589 bales of hay to dogs that need a warm place to sleep.

Kenai Watershed Forum

Alaska is renowned for its natural beauty, and the Kenai Watershed Forum works to make sure it stays beautiful. Specifically, the Kenai Watershed Forum works with other nonprofits and government agencies to help keep the bodies of water and surrounding land of the Kenai Peninsula clean. This goal means preserving the natural beauty of the area as well as protecting the clean drinking water produced from Kenai. This nonprofit also provides regular surveying of the area in which it addresses notable problems, damage caused from manmade or natural events, programs around the spread of education, restoration, and its research.