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Arizona has more than 28,000 nonprofit organizations, and the most common types have a religious or educational focus. Banner Health, Mercy Care, and FKA Scottsdale Healthcare Hospitals are among the largest 501c3 nonprofits in the state.

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501c3 Lookup for Arizona

Arizona Nonprofits

Within Arizona, you can find plenty of nonprofits focused on healthcare, the well-being of veterans, and suicide prevention. Listed below are three prominent Arizona-based nonprofits.


Based in Phoenix, the International Cancer Advocacy Network (ICAN) has helped people with cancer improve their quality of life and gain access to the best treatments for them. Since it opened in 1997, ICAN has supported its clients and caregivers with advocacy programs as well as education on relevant procedures and topics. This nonprofit also uses its connections to get clients access to new drug trials and even experimental treatments or surgeries. Aside from that, it does what it can to raise the quality of life for its clients to help them get as much out of life as possible with their diagnosis.

Vet Tix

Founded in 2002, the Veteran Tickets Foundation (also called Vet Tix) is an organization that provides event tickets to active military members, veterans, and the families of soldiers killed in action. Vet Tix provides tickets for sporting events, concerts, conventions, and other events to give those who served a chance to enjoy themselves and have a potential once-in-a-lifetime experience. An affiliate of Vet Tix called 1st Tix offers the same experiences and opportunities, but for active duty and retired first responders. Soldiers and first responders have difficult jobs that can take a heavy toll on them, but having something like a concert or bowl game to look forward to can go a long way in making them feel like what they do is worthwhile.

Teen Lifeline

As unfortunate as it is, teenage suicide is a sad reality in the United States. While the Suicide Hotline is a vital resource, teenagers are more likely to be open with other teens than adults. Teen Lifeline is a youth advocacy group that trains teens to handle crisis situations and operate the support lines to take calls from teenagers considering suicide. Teen Lifeline not only helps teens in their time of crisis, but also trains others in how to handle a high-intensity situation and how to relate and talk with someone who’s in a bad place mentally. Since 1986, Teen Lifeline has been saving the lives of teenagers and it’s ready to keep helping teens in the years to come.