Colorado 501(c)(3) Lookup

Colorado has more than 35,000 nonprofit organizations with the most common types focusing on educational or religious missions. CommonSpirit Health, Catholic Health Initiatives (CHI) Colorado Foundation, and Children’s Hospital Colorado are among the state’s largest 501c3 nonprofits.

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501(c)(3) organizations are nonprofit corporations that meet specific IRS criteria. Donations to a 501(c)(3) are usually tax-exempt. Use our 501(c)(3) lookup table to find out whether or not an organization has 501(c)(3) status.

501(c)(3) Lookup for Colorado

Colorado Nonprofits

Colorado’s nonprofits serve a variety of issues and concerns, including at-risk youth, healthcare and mental well-being, and climate change.

Knights of Heroes

Families that lose a loved one from their service in the military can often feel forgotten and alone in their grief. Knights of Heroes provides these families with emotional support and an opportunity to spend time with others in their situation. Each year, this nonprofit hosts outdoor camps filled with activities and events in which families can participate — at no cost to them. Recently, the Knights of Heroes expanded its mission to also support at-risk youth in Colorado with the goal of giving them a place to have fun during dark times.

Chelsea Hutchison Foundation

Created in honor of Chelsea Hutchison, a young girl who passed away from a sudden epileptic seizure in her sleep, this nonprofit serves people who suffer from epilepsy and educates the public about the condition. The foundation began by spreading information about Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP). Today, it also helps people with emotional support programs and fundraising campaigns to support research into a cure for epilepsy as well as pay for service dogs to assist epileptics. While the Chelsea Hutchison Foundation started with Chelsea’s parents, it’s grown into a nationwide force for good that lets epileptics know they’re not alone.

Trees, Water & People

Founded in 1998, Trees, Water & People has grown from a small environmental conservation group in Fort Collins, Colo., to an international partnership focused on preserving nature for years to come. Its volunteers travel to areas in North and Central America, combating climate change by helping locals implement sustainable methods of farming, drawing water, and cohabitating on the land where they live so it can continue to house and feed future generations. Upon arrival, Trees, Water & People identifies a community’s needs and creates a plan for how best to assist the people and the planet at the same time. This nonprofit also maintains contact with the communities it serves long after leaving to ensure its methods continue to help them for years to come.