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Of the more than 21,000 nonprofit organizations in Kentucky, many have educational or religious missions. Baptist Health, Norton Hospitals, and Passport Health Plan are among the state’s largest 501c3 nonprofits.

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501(c)(3) Lookup for Kentucky

Kentucky Nonprofits

Kentucky has many nonprofits focused on protecting animals, assisting the homeless, and preventing drug abuse. Below are three nonprofits based in the state that address these issues.

Primate Rescue Center

When most people think of animal rescue, they think of household pets. Yet, the illegal trade and abuse of primates is rampant across the United States and the rest of the world. The Primate Rescue Center provides protection to displaced primates in a sanctuary within Central Kentucky. That sanctuary can house and care for up to 50 primates with indoor and outdoor shelters and diverse diets for various gorillas and monkeys. While this nonprofit currently is at capacity, giving lifelong care to its resident primates, it also offers free resources to the public to boost awareness about the abuse and trade of primates worldwide and highlight ways they can help. Animal abuse in any form is unforgivable, and the Primate Rescue Center gives primates with hard lives a chance to relax and enjoy a safe home.

Lexington Rescue Mission

This Christian nonprofit provides a safe environment for those facing harsh struggles in their lives. It offers Lexington’s impoverished and homeless population daily meals and clothing, temporary shelter, and assistance in finding affordable housing and job opportunities. In 2022 alone, the Lexington Rescue Mission provided 57,889 meals, helped 115 people into permanent housing, and took in 108 citizens after their incarceration to help them reenter society. Helping people is a way of life for this nonprofit, which aims to bring light into the lives of struggling Kentucky residents.

Isaiah House Treatment Center

Founded in 1999, this nonprofit provides treatment and faith-based community support to those suffering from addiction. It serves a maximum of 301 patients at a time, offering residential stays as well as transitional living opportunities to help patients find a place to live after their treatment. This nonprofit also is the only treatment center in Kentucky that doubles as a college campus, allowing its residents to take classes while in treatment so they can access more opportunities once they break free of their addiction.