Maine 501(c)(3) Lookup

Of the more than 10,000 nonprofit organizations in Maine, the most common types include those with educational and cultural missions. MaineHealth, Eastern Maine Medical Center, and MaineGeneral Health and Affiliates are among the state’s largest 501c3 nonprofits.

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501c3 organizations are nonprofit corporations that meet specific IRS criteria. Donations to a 501c3 are usually tax-exempt. Use our 501c3 lookup table to find out whether or not an organization has 501c3 status.

501(c)(3) Lookup for Maine

Maine Nonprofits

Maine-based nonprofits address a range of topics from international affairs and opportunities for students to supplying technology to the less fortunate and counteracting human trafficking. Here are three examples of well-regarded nonprofits operating within the state.

Youth Journalism International

As the spread of information continues to accelerate in modern society, journalists are on the cutting edge of lightning-fast communication. Youth Journalism International (YJI) seeks to educate young people interested in journalism and give them a platform from which they can publish articles and gain experience. Individuals from around the world, aged 12-24, can participate in this nonprofit’s free classes and seminars to learn how to write better, research more efficiently, and become better at determining if the information they have is trustworthy. YJI has published work from young people on every continent, creating a global network of young journalists ready to find and share the truth with the world.

Information Technology Exchange

As technology becomes more of a requirement to effectively partake in society, this nonprofit  seeks to make it accessible to those who can’t afford it and teach them how to use it for themselves. The organization’s “give IT. get IT.” program takes donated devices like computers and smartphones from sponsors and volunteers and puts them in the hands of the less fortunate who need them. It not only refurbishes the devices to ensure they work, but also hosts programs to improve its clients’ technological literacy so they can use their new devices properly to enhance their lives.

Friends of Thai Daughters

Though founded in Trevett, Maine, Friends of Thai Daughters (FTD) works to assist young girls in Northern Thailand who’re at risk of being taken into human trafficking. Many young female orphans in Thailand lack citizenship so they’re unable to work or legally pass checkpoints. That means there’s no way to declare them missing within the country if human traffickers take them. FTD sponsors these at-risk young women by giving them a place to stay, access to education, and emotional support through approved caregivers. To date, FTD has saved more than 125 young women from human trafficking.