Maryland 501(c)(3) Lookup

Maryland boasts more than 40,000 nonprofit organizations — many with educational or religious missions. Johns Hopkins University, The Johns Hopkins Hospital, and the University of Maryland Medical System are among the state’s largest 501c3 nonprofits.

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501c3 organizations are nonprofit corporations that meet specific IRS criteria. Donations to a 501c3 are usually tax-exempt. Use our 501c3 lookup table to find out whether or not an organization has 501c3 status.

501(c)(3) Lookup for Maryland

Maryland Nonprofits

In Maryland, you’ll find nonprofit organizations focused on a range of topics like human services and job training, mental health, and gifts for those with critical illnesses. Listed below are three nonprofits from the state that serve one of these areas of interest.

Maryland New Directions

This nonprofit helps the many people in Baltimore who struggle to find jobs that provide a livable wage. Maryland New Directions believes having work that can cover daily expenses is key to keeping people off the street and away from drug or alcohol abuse. Founded in 1973, it provides resources to those released from prison, the homeless, and anyone struggling to make ends meet. It directly assists them in their job searches with free resume reviews, practice interviews, training for computer literacy, networking opportunities, and other personalized methods to help them find the right job.

A Mother’s Rest

Parents and caregivers often can feel overwhelmed at times. A Mother’s Rest coordinates retreats and stays at bed-and-breakfasts for the parents and caregivers of individuals with all kinds of ailments or afflictions. Headquartered in New Market, Md., this nonprofit sets up retreats across the country and even owns two facilities that offer year-round care for caregivers and those for which they provide care. Caregivers can develop mental health problems due to the stress of caring for another’s life and the unpredictable issues that may arise. This organization puts their well-being first so they can continue providing excellent care for their loved ones.

Icing Smiles

When a child is diagnosed with a critical illness, it changes the everyday life of their family. Icing Smiles provides free custom cakes and baked goods to families with ill children. Funded by generous donations from the public, this nonprofit has a network of bakeries across the country ready to fulfill any kind of sweets order with love and artistry. Paying for medical treatments can prove costly and may leave a family unable to buy luxuries like cakes or celebrate important moments. Icing Smiles aims to ensure no child battling an illness will go without a celebratory cake so they can create a happy memory during a difficult time.