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Pennsylvania has more than 78,000 nonprofit organizations — of which the most common types are religious entities and foundations. The University of Pennsylvania, the National Philanthropic Trust, and Highmark are among the state’s largest 501c3 nonprofits.

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501(c)(3) Lookup for Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Nonprofits

Many nonprofit organizations in Pennsylvania assist orphaned children, combat drug abuse, and provide emotional support to those with specific illnesses. Here are three respected Pennsylvania nonprofits that address one of these issues.

Brittany’s Hope

Founded in honor of Brittany Ann O’Connell, this nonprofit assists children who need help — regardless of where they live. It seeks out orphaned children internationally and works with its own adoption network as well as with other organizations to find the right, loving home for each child. Brittany’s Hope also offers programs for in-country care in which people can sponsor children in Kenya, Vietnam, and Ethiopia and pay for their needs in orphanages. In addition, it provides family support programs that attempt to find solutions for issues that lead to child abandonment and their placement in orphanages.


The Community Action Network for Drug-free Lifestyle Empowerment (CANDLE) works to educate the public about the dangers of drug abuse and help those suffering from addiction to get clean. Its “Reality Tour” program reaches out to schools, communities, and parents concerned about youth drug use and has seen 55,000 people break the habit and learn to live without drugs. These tours, which invite former addicts to speak about their life experiences to dissuade young people from drug abuse, have now expanded into states beyond Pennsylvania. Through its efforts, CANDLE hopes to prevent drug abuse from ruining the lives of people across the county.

International Hyperhidrosis Society

Hyperhidrosis affects between 2% and 5% of all Americans, causing them to excessively — and uncontrollably — sweat. The affliction can be embarrassing and lead to mental and regular health problems in those diagnosed. This nonprofit aims to normalize hyperhidrosis by spreading information about the affliction and sharing current literature on treatment methods. It also helps to connect those suffering from hyperhidrosis with others who have the same (or a similar) diagnosis to provide emotional support and demonstrate they’re not alone in what they’re going through.