South Dakota 501(c)(3) Lookup

Of the more than 7,000 nonprofit organizations in South Dakota, religious entities are the most common type. St. Joseph’s Indian School, One Spirit, and Windcross Conservancy are among the state’s largest 501c3 nonprofits.

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501(c)(3) Lookup for South Dakota

South Dakota Nonprofits

South Dakota has many nonprofits focused on religion, combating poverty, and rehabilitating former prisoners. Here are three examples of nonprofits addressing these issues within the state.

Living By Design Ministries

This Christian nonprofit provides free bibles and bible study classes around the globe. Acting as a less formal means of worship, Living By Design Ministries sends bibles in multiple languages to 194 countries. It also provides free resources through its online ministry to bring faith and support to all who seek it out. Donations to this nonprofit support the international Christian community, such as through projects that assist people in their daily lives and mission trips to help with local infrastructure and sustainability.

One Spirit

One Spirit is a volunteer organization that aims to enrich the lives of Oglala Lakota tribal members by helping them become more self-sufficient. Many members of this tribe of Native Americans live in poverty with 90% unemployment rates and in locations deemed “food deserts.” This nonprofit hires Oglala Lakota people to not only make food runs to local food pantries and deliver the collected items across their land, but also to deliver firewood and install improved wood stoves in members’ homes to provide warmth.

Kingdom Boundaries Prison Aftercare

Currently, around 75% of inmates released from prison will return within two years. Founded in 2013, this Christian nonprofit aims to lower the number of repeat offenders and the total number of former inmates returning to incarceration. Based in Sioux Falls, N.D., it partners released inmates with Christian mentors who can teach them about faith and help them acclimate to the outside world. This nonprofit doesn’t seek to convert individuals to Christianity, but to show them they have people rooting for them and willing to help them become a part of society once again.