Virginia 501(c)(3) Lookup

Virginia boasts more than 50,000 nonprofit organizations — of which the most common types have religious or educational missions. Inova Health Care Services, Sentara Hospitals, and Optima Health are among the state’s largest 501c3 nonprofits.

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501c3 organizations are nonprofit corporations that meet specific IRS criteria. Donations to a 501c3 are usually tax-exempt. Use our 501c3 lookup table to find out whether or not an organization has 501c3 status.

501(c)(3) Lookup for Virginia

Virginia Nonprofits

Religion, education, assistance for veterans, and healthcare are all popular areas of focus for Virginia’s nonprofits. Here, we highlight three of the state’s large nonprofits that address at least one of these issues.

Islamic Relief USA

This religious organization provides disaster relief and other services to people in need worldwide. Guided by the teachings of the Quran, Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA) provides aid and shelter to refugees, establishes educational infrastructure and clean water sources in areas without them, and offers immediate relief to areas struck by natural or man-made disasters with deliveries of food, medical supplies, and people prepared to offer medical support. IRUSA also works with orphans and orphanages struck by disasters, providing options to sponsor children to ensure they get the care and housing they need as well as assisting with the adoption process so they can find loving homes as quickly as possible.

Our Military Kids

This nonprofit offers grants to the families of veterans and active duty military members to enrich the daily lives of their children. Originally founded to support the families of the Virginia National Guard, Our Military Kids helps to pay for experiences like camps, sports leagues, and music lessons for the children of soldiers whose families may need financial assistance or simply can’t budget for a non-essential activity at the time. Spending time away from a parent can prove challenging so this nonprofit gives soldiers’ children a chance to enjoy themselves and just be kids while building their skills and making friends.

Cure JM Foundation

Juvenile myositis (JM) is an autoimmune disease that causes the bodies of children to attack their own cells and tissues. While it’s a relatively uncommon disease, JM can take quite a toll on those diagnosed. The Cure JM Foundation raises awareness about JM and works to find more successful treatments as well as a cure. While current treatments reduce the mortality rate to less than 3%, a cure still eludes modern science. Donations to this foundation help fund research into JM treatments as well as programs that provide emotional support to children diagnosed with JM and their families.