Washington DC 501(c)(3) Lookup

With more than 14,000 nonprofit organizations based in Washington DC, the most common types have a recreational or civil rights focus. The Smithsonian Institution, the American Red Cross, and Howard Hughes Medical Institute are among the largest nonprofits in DC.

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501(c)(3) Lookup for DC

Washington DC Nonprofits

Nonprofits based in Washington DC often focus on topics like historic preservation, environmental protection, and cultural awareness. Below are three notable DC nonprofits that address one or more of these concerns.

American Battlefield Trust

This nonprofit works to preserve the historic battlefields of the American Civil War so people can visit and learn from them for generations to come. Donations and grants allow this trust to not only operate museums on the sites, but also perform necessary maintenance to the grounds themselves as well as to historic artifacts and buildings on the properties.

National Parks Conservation Association

President Teddy Roosevelt founded the US National Park System to preserve the nation’s natural beauty, and this nonprofit continues his work by fighting for further preservation of the parks and their accompanying land. Because human development and pollution increasingly threaten the wildlife that live in our national parks, the National Parks Conservation Association works to educate visitors about these dangers and the ways they can help.

Smithsonian Institution

As one of the most recognized names in historic and cultural preservation, the Smithsonian Institution operates several museums, galleries, and online databases. It works to preserve facets of every culture on the planet so future generations can learn about them. Each year, its research helps to further scientific studies, break down cultural barriers, and create a more comprehensive view of the human experience. On matters of historic, scientific, and cultural importance, the Smithsonian Institution is one of the world’s leading authorities.