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Of the more than 5,000 nonprofit organizations in Wyoming, recreational institutions are the most common type. Wyoming Medical Center, Ivinson Memorial Hospital, and the Liana Foundation are among the state’s largest 501c3 nonprofits.

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501(c)(3) Lookup for Wyoming

Wyoming Nonprofits

In Wyoming, many nonprofits focus on issues like animal abuse, history, civil rights, and international sustainability. Here are three well-known nonprofits from the state that address at least one of these areas.

Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary

Unfortunately, humans still subject animals to lab testing and potentially harmful research each year. This nonprofit takes these animals in and offers them kindness and love so they can rehabilitate. It gives animals like dogs and cats wide open spaces and indoor yurts to accommodate their needs as volunteers delicately train them to trust humans again. Animals that pass its rehabilitation program go into the adoption network where they can find loving “forever” homes. All animals deserve a second chance at love and friendship — an opportunity the Kindness Ranch Animal Sanctuary readily provides.

Heart Mountain Wyoming Foundation

History contains many tragic acts that society must remember and learn from despite how difficult they can be to think about. The Heart Mountain Wyoming Foundation funds the historic site of the Japanese internment camp in Park County, Wyo., and an accompanying museum. More than 14,000 Japanese-Americans were held at the Park County site and subjected to unjust incarceration at the time along with the thousands of others in camps across the country. At this site and museum, visitors learn about what individuals went through on a daily basis in the camp as well as about life in the United States in the days and weeks after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

200 Orphanages Worldwide

Orphanages provide a vital service by caring for children without guardians, but they’re often in disrepair and understaffed without enough resources to operate at peak functionality. Since 2008, this nonprofit has worked to provide safety, shelter, and sustainability to orphanages and other institutions that care for children around the world. In addition to repairing schools and orphanages, it helps to supply impoverished areas with clean water sources and resources for healthy crops like materials for solar irrigation. It also provides shelters for those in an emergency as well as for livestock to protect them from predators and bad weather.